Date Night Every Night with HQ 

I am huge believer in always dating your partner. It can get hard with kids & life, but for me it is a must for maintaining a healthy relationship with my husband.

Thankfully there is a new trivia app that brings us together every night. At 8pm we stop what we are doing around the house (The little one is usually already in bed) & come together for some good old fashion fun.

We are not the only ones doing this, millions of people around the world log in to compete for the cash prize. A host (last week Jimmy Kimmel hosted) reads you 12 questions. You have 10 seconds to chose from the 3 mutliple choices. When you get a question wrong you’re out. 

Can you get through all 12 questions

Now we still haven’t won any money, but we sure are having fun together. 

So start playing HQ, you don’t want to miss out. Use my code ‘seashellmccall‘ to sign up

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