Hangovers & Toddlers … How to Survive 

With Holiday season here that means tons of parties & more drinking. Wether your drinking to make it through Christmas dinner or just celebrating being reunited with family, one thing is the same … we are not 21 anymore & hangovers suck. Exspecially with a little human dependent on you, a.k.a. your toddler.

Glasses: Zenni Optical, Sweater: A.New.Day, from Target Clearance for $16, Shirt: Express, from 10 years ago, Jeans: Frame, from Opitz for $60, Shoes: Mossimo, from Target for $40, Necklace: Thrift Store for $5

Here are my go to’s for suriving the dreeded hangover with tots …

  1. Water – tons of it & that electrolyte water like Smart or Fuji, but honestly the best stuff is your kids Pedialyte … chug that stuff!!! 
  2. New Toys – I am not saying you need to go out & buy a new toy (that works though) but if you rotate toys (which is awesome BTW) take out a toy they haven’t had in a while that they love. Obviously not any of those loud-crazy-noise-making toys that everyone hates.
  3. T.V. – let them watch what they want, this also goes for personal electronic 
  4. Ibproufen – self explantory 
  5. Dilevery – because we all know I am not cooking, also make sure you have tons of snacks for those hungry little monsters 
  6. Bribery – literally this is all motherhood is. “You can have candy as long as you …” No shame here.

So go out, make the best of this holiday season, because you deserve it. Cheers! 🥂🍻🥂🍻🥂

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